April 20, 2017

Messaging Makeovers

It’s not uncommon we uncover that the messages you want to send, are not in line with the messages the customer needs to receive…

Over time messaging can often get off track with the realities of front line sales battles being fought every day.  Conflicting priorities, the power of status quo, even the simple tendency to never want to let go of a Power Point slide in a deck.  You need to focus on four or five key messages and get the customer to:

  1. Agree they are critical to their decision
  2. Agree your company is superiorly positioned to deliver on.

Everything else you do; the RFP response, The multi hour product reviews, the technical expert discussions, etc = ALL HAS TO BE ORGANIZED TO SUPPORT THOSE MESSAGES

The hardest thing to do is to agree that something you always thought was important, is either not important or not provable as a superiority position.  A lot of folks also struggle with realizing its a war out there on the sales front lines.  The competition has to be destroyed in the eyes of the customer.

Following a Comprehensive Loss Assessment, we can develop a plan to review and evolve your sales and marketing messaging.